Air disinfection without the use of chemicals

Mediq - plus UVGI disinfects the air in the room simply, quickly and safely, without the use of chemicals. With the silent operation of the device, the air is constantly recycled. This results in the reduction of the viral load.

With their high quality and modern elegant design, Mediq X Plus devices fit in any space and are suitable in doctor's offices, etc. The devices are easy to use and their UV-C lamps have a long life.

Mediq X Plus: The solution for disinfecting indoor air. Viruses or bacteria and other microorganisms are spread in the air through small droplets. There they can survive for a long time and be transmitted from person to person. Especially in crowded places such as waiting areas, gyms, offices, etc. the risk of transmission is very high.

To avoid this vicious cycle, UVC (UVGI) the safe and very efficient light UVC254nm is used to protect your customers, employees and inmportant people.

No other way of disinfection is so effective, easy to install and with such simple and low maintenance costs. X Plus devices disinfect the air in any space, reliably and safely. They are environmentally friendly without the use of chemicals and without producing ozone.